10 bizarre pregnancy symptoms

Many expecting mummies exude a certain pregnant glow, and while you might be looking lovely, there are a lot of bizarre and strange things happening behind the scenes. You have expected pregnancy symptoms like fatigue and nausea, but are you aware that you might sound like a foghorn at night? Or that your feet can grow an entire shoe size?

The fact is, there are some weird and just downright bizarre pregnancy symptoms that your doctor will gloss over, simply because they do not pose any health concerns. Some of these symptoms might be too embarrassing to talk about, but we will take a straight and honest look at some of the more weird and wonderful quirks that go along with pregnancy

As strange and unpleasant as some of these symptoms might sound, don’t despair. They are completely temporary, and you will be back to your own self in no time. Once you’ve welcomed your little one into this world, you won’t even remember and it’ll all have been worth it ten times over.

Manic meltdowns

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This will be one of the first pregnancy symptoms to surface, possibly before you are even aware that you’re expecting. Your pregnancy hormones are treacherous, and can trigger the oddest of mood swings. For instance, you can go from happy to hysterical simply because husband dearest bought the wrong brand of milk.