10 cancer causing foods that we don’t suspect

10# Processed vegetable oils

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Toxic oil's author, David Gillespie says that "things that appear on the label as 'vegetable oil' is ironic because you can't get oil from a vegetable, what they are, mostly, is seed oils produced by industrial processes which didn't form part of the human diet prior to about 1920." He writes, "A seed oil is something like canola oil, sunflower, grapeseed or rice bran oil - these are the oils that we should avoid and the reason we should avoid them is they're very high in a type of fat called omega 6 which was extremely rare in our diets prior to about 1920 and the reason that we're consuming vast quantities of these oils now is because they're cheap." Make sure to cook with healthy heat-resistant oils, such as coconut or grape seed oil.

Eating a clean diet can be hard these days, with so many cancer causing foods around. But avoiding at least some of these harmful foods can keep away major health issues.