10 craziest pregnancy old wives tales ever told

Have you been told that looking at something ugly while pregnant will cause your child to be ugly? Chances are if you have only told just one person about your pregnancy, you have heard an old wives tale.

Wacky pregnancy old wives tales – the first edition

Old wives seem to have tales on just about every subject, but they especially favour pregnancy “advice”. Sometimes there is a hint of truth in these tales, but other times the old wives are just plain goofy! There are literally hundreds of do’s and do not’s stemming from those nutty old wives with too much time on their hands, but these are my top ten favorites.
We have compiled 10 crazy pregnancy old wives tales for your entertainment. Enjoy!


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Have you eaten strawberries during your pregnancy? If so, then you only have yourself to blame when your child has a strawberry birthmark. The correct term for this specific birth mark is hermangioma and they are very common. Eating strawberries is also very common which is probably where the connection was made. However, strawberry eating, expecting mothers, your guilt should subside soon enough as these marks usually lighten and sometimes completely fade within ten years.

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