10 creative pregnancy announcement ideas

Finding out a little one is on its way is undoubtedly an exciting time for you and your partner. More couples are thinking up creative, novel ways to announce their wife’s pregnancy to their families and friends. We suggest 10 ways of making your pregnancy announcement memorable and even more exciting.

1. Song-and-dance number

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Gather your family or friends, or make the annoucement at separate times if time doesn't work in your favour - and screen a video of you and your partner singing and dancing to a song with the word "baby" in it on repeat. Have fun with the video - flash colourful banners, release balloons in the air, write the good news on a chalkboard - and don't forget to take your time to make the announcement! Building the suspense will make your family and friends even more curious. This song-and-dance video is a great reference point, as is this.

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