10 quick and simple first baby foods

It is normally recommended to wait until your baby is at least six months old before introducing solid foods. This is because they can thrive off your breastmik, or formula milk, alone in their first year.

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If you feel that your baby is ready to try out some solid foods, here are 10 ideas to get you started. Have fun experimenting with these wholesome and nutritious first baby foods.

Hearty carrot and potato purée

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Carrots and potatoes are a veggie delight if your baby is just beginning to taste solid foods. Filling and tasty, this puree dish is great as a main meal and still includes your breastmilk or formula for added nutritional punch!

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You shouldn’t replace a milk feed with these first baby foods, simply start to introduce your baby to the taste and textures. Weaning is a gradual process so don’t rush it and give your little one’s digestive system time to adjust and be aware of any allergies. Most of all, have fun! If your baby doesn’t like the taste at first, try them again a week later.

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