10 safe herbal pregnancy remedies for relief

Using herbal pregnancy remedies has been around for thousands of years. Different cultures will use certain plants to treat all sorts of pregnancy ailments. Traditional Chinese Medicine, in particular, has a number of remedies specifically to treat pregnancy symptoms. However, there are simple herbal infusions that you can prepare at home to help relieve those aches, pains and strains.

Why use herbal pregnancy remedies?

As you may know, using medication while pregnant is not recommended. That is why you may want to turn to natural remedies. You do have to be careful as some plants are not safe to use while pregnant. However, there are herbal remedies that can work wonders for your pregnant body.

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10# Red raspberry leaves

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This is one of the most popular herbal pregnancy remedies recommended by many midwives. It strengthens the uterus and prepares the cervix for an easier delivery. However, don't consume it during the first trimester. Start using it (one cup daily) during your last trimester. It can also stimulate lactation once you give birth.

All these herbal pregnancy remedies can help a great deal. But if you have a high fever or feel very ill while pregnant, make sure to see a doctor.

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