10 things that are dangerous for pregnancy

The journey to motherhood is an explosion of emotions. If it isn’t tears of joy at the prospect of a new life growing inside you, it is tears of worry that the two of you will make it to the end of the road, unscathed.

In our daily lives, there are many activities that we commonly do which are actually dangerous to do as an expectant mummy. The obvious ones such as drinking and smoking are known to be dangerous for pregnancy. But what are the other ones?

Here is a list of the things you need to avoid to help keep your pregnancy journey a safe one for you and your baby.

10. Going to concerts

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Loud noises put stress on your pregnant body and can impair your babies hearing development, especially after the first trimester. Any place that involves excessively loud music, such as concerts, parties or clubs should be avoided for those precious 9 months.

Anything that creates stress should be avoided. Stress hormones are not beneficial for you or your baby. So for the next nine months, alter your lifestyle to accommodate the new life that is growing inside of you.

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