10 tips for better labour

It’s normal to feel anxious about giving birth. If it’s your first pregnancy, you won’t know what it will be like, but will have heard a mountain of stories, and if it’s not your first, you’ll know that every labour is different from the last.

While some women breeze through labour like it’s nothing, others have a more difficult and tiring experience, that can last anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days! Whichever you have in the end, you will probably forget all the pain and struggle, the moment you hold your new baby in your arms. We cannot predict what will happen, when it happens, but here are a few tips for better labour, when the time comes.

1. Knowledge is Power

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Other mums will tell you that giving birth was nothing like they expected! This is true, but knowing the process, stages, and medications available to you, will help to eliminate some of the shock factor on the day.

Book a tour of the maternity hospital you have chosen to use and familiarise yourself with staff and the surroundings. Discuss the different levels of pain medication with your doctor and read up on the stages of labour. All of these things will make you less nervous about the unknown.

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