How to survive your wife’s delivery

Husbands are now expected to be in the delivery room with their wives as they give birth. You may have heard of horror stories and gory details about other women’s labour experiences. But how can fathers, especially first-time dads, handle the birth of their own babies? Here are 10 tips dad should learn from to survive your wife’s delivery.

Dr. Jazlan Joosoph, specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Raffles Women’s Centre, shares tongue-in-cheek advice on how you can stand by your wife, and not faint, as you welcome your little one to this world.

Ten ways to survive your wife’s delivery:

1. Be prepared. When your wife announces that she’s pregnant, it also means that you are going to be a dad. Denial will not help.

2. If it’s going to be a Caesarean birth, do not peek over the green flap unless you are sure you can handle it.

3. Even if you see little value in your presence, it can greatly boost your wife’s morale. Just cheer her on and be around to support her. And don’t faint. The medical team already has their hands full.

4. Birthing is not usually a medical emergency, so do stay calm and don’t get all hysterical at the sight.

5. When your wife screams at you, “This is all your fault…,” recognise that it is a routine result of a hormonal change during the final stage of the birth process. And if you think about it, she’s probably right. Avoid screaming back. It’s not the right time.

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