How to survive your wife’s delivery

6. Should you see a pair of scissors emerge or hear the word “episiotomy,” be very engrossed by anything else you can find in the room. Turn away. This is important to your future well-being.

7. Seeing your little one come out from the love of your life is one of life’s beautiful miracles. Show extreme pride and admiration for your wife’s pain threshold and be secretly grateful that you will never ever have to go through her suffering.

8. The cord cutting ‘ceremony’ is an unforgettable moment for many fathers. When cutting the cord, be extremely gentle and careful. It is much tougher and more sausage-like than you will expect.

9. If you have not taken biology classes in school, you may be surprised by the birth of a second, less attractive baby. It looks like a plastic bag of frozen meat and is large. This is the placenta that played a big role in protecting and nurturing your child.

10. After the hospital stay where you have nurses fussing over you and your wife, be prepared for the many adventures when you are home. Getting experienced hands to help is advisable but learn fast from them.

Dr. Jazlan Joosoph is a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from Raffles Women’s Centre in Raffles Hospital, a tertiary care private hospital and the flagship of the Raffles Medical Group, a leading private healthcare provider in Singapore and South East Asia.