What happens when you’re 14 weeks pregnant

After 13 weeks, your little one is finally starting to show in your growing baby bump! Find out how to handle the backaches and abdominal pains that come with being 14 weeks pregnant.

How your foetus is developing during pregnancy when you’re 14 weeks pregnant:
Your baby now weighs about 1 to 1.5 ounces, and has a head around the size of a gumball! At this point, hair will also begin growing from the top of his head, as well as a fine layer of downy hair all over his body known as lanugo – this hair acts as a blanket and will be shed and replaced in coming weeks with baby fat, so don’t you worry about all that excess fur.

Your little one can also now form facial expressions such as frowning and smiling! And his neck is growing long enough to support his head, so his chin will no longer rest on his chest.

What you can do right now:
It’s an exciting time for you and your partner, now that your baby bump is showing more prominently – but this also means more pressure placed on your spine as your baby continues growing bigger. Backaches and weariness may become more frequent, so remember to sit with your back upright. Light yoga or pilates may help ease the discomfort, but avoid any intensive exercise that could cause you to fall, because your joints are looser than before.

Along with this, your uterus and the ligaments surrounding it are also expanding. Be prepared for stomach pains, and don’t forget to continue looking after yourself as best as you can.

Hope this article helped you understand what happens to your baby and body when you’re 14 weeks pregnant. Next up, 15 weeks!

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