15 silly celebrity baby names you should NEVER choose!

Celebs are a vast mixture of admirable, interesting, endlessly fascinating and sometimes seemingly out-of-this-world creatures. We ogle at from afar or read about them online and in magazines.

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But they’re really just ordinary folk like us — except when it comes to naming their babies! We’ve compiled a list of 15 silly celebrity baby names you should NEVER choose for your little one. Enjoy!

1. Rob Morrow

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Famous for his acting role in TV show numbers, Rob is seriously out for the count on this one. He named his child: Tu Morrow

Oh no you didn't, Rob. What were you thinking? We'll be pondering this name the day after Tu Morrow - and the next and the next and the next. On the flip side, he did give his daughter a more conventional middle name, just to be safe -- Simone.

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