What happens when you’re 15 weeks pregnant

After your 14 weeks being pregnant, your tiny bundle finally starts shedding his downy “fur” and getting baby fat. Also, find out why expectant mummies are more susceptible to illnesses!

How your foetus is developing when you are 15 weeks pregnant:

The bundle of joy growing in your stomach is now about 4.5 inches long, and 2 to 3 ounces heavy! Your tiny one can now move his limbs with ease and even hiccup, which happens before he starts breathing. Remember, his windpipe is filled with liquid- amniotic acid flows in and out of his lungs every day – which is why you won’t be able to detect any sharp sensations yet.

When you are 15 weeks pregnant, baby fat, known as “brown fat”, also starts replacing the fine hair covering his body (lanugo) at this point.

What you can do right now when you are 15 weeks pregnant:
You may find yourself with a cold, flu or falling sick more regularly. This is perfectly normal; your body cleverly lets down its immune system during pregnancy to prevent your foetus from being rejected! The best thing you can do now is practise good hygiene. Wash your hands well, avoid sharing cutlery and food, and avoid people who are ill at all costs. You can’t afford to fall sick at this point!

Because of the increase in blood volume in your body, the blood capillaries in the lining of your nose and gums will swell, making you more susceptible to bleeding gums and nose bleeds.

Take care to brush your teeth twice a day gently, and finish off with mouthwash. You should also brush your tongue to remove excess bacteria.

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