20 things NOT to do during C-section recovery

Recovering from a vaginal delivery is tough but combine this with the major surgery of a Caesarean and it can be even more difficult. There are a lot more things you should avoid doing while in C-section recovery. Read on for 20 things NOT to do.

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    1. No stairs. Walking up and down stairs pulls on the stomach muscles which are healing.
    2. No bending. This should be obvious, but bending and then straightening up strains muscles.
    3. No heavy lifting. Anything more than baby will repeatedly tear the healing incisions.
    4. No cleaning. Avoid vacuuming and sweeping. These motions and others will stretch the muscles.
    5. No reaching. This again, stretches the muscles.
    6. No sit-ups. Wait for a few weeks to get rid of your baby belly.
    7. No gassy foods. This might upset a still-healing stomach
    8. No tight clothes. Especially under-garments. Take pleasure in wearing those ‘big pants’ without feeling guilty while you can!
    9. No belts. This is especially bad for the healing tissue.
    10. No straining. While in the bathroom especially. It will tear the tissue and hurt your stomach.
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