What happens when you’re 20 weeks pregnant?

Feeling good? You bet! After your 19 weeks, you’re officially half way through your pregnancy! Your nauseous days are long gone and your hair has never looked better. Even your nails are strong. It’s an exciting time for baby and you. You may already know the sex or just be about to find out at your latest ultra sound.

Make sure you are getting enough Iron in your diet, as baby really needs it for his development. Hungry? Most women feel like they could eat all day long at 20 weeks pregnant but try and stick to a healthy diet. Eating small meals often, about five or six a day, with snacks is a good way to keep hunger at bay. Drink plenty of water and stay active.

How your foetus is developing when you’re 20 weeks pregnant

Your little one now measures about 6.5 inches, or the length of a banana from his head to bottom! Since you’re 20 weeks pregnant, this may not be an accurate measurement, because your little one’s legs are still curled up.

In fact, baby is very active right now. There is still a lot of room in your uterus for those acrobatics, so take pleasure in the swirls and swings while you can. Baby’s limbs are well-developed, so watch out for those kicks as they will become more frequent, particularly when your little one is exposed to loud noises!

Inside, their little body is now producing meconium – black, gooey waste that will turn up in his first soiled diaper – and his skin is also thickening under the waxy layers of vernix. Baby girls will now have a fully formed uterus with ovaries and millions of primitive little eggs. Boys testes will have begun to descend from the abdomen.

What  you can do now that you’re 20 weeks pregnant 

At 20 weeks pregnant, it is important to keep your iron levels up as baby uses this to grow red blood cells and placenta. Red meats, spinach and tuna are good sources of this and there are also supplements available. Discuss your options with your gynea so you are sure you and baby are getting the right nutrients.

You’ll be loving your lush locks but are hairs sprouting elsewhere too? Women experience accelerated hair growth during pregnancy, which means you may start to notice hairs on your chin, chests, breasts and even on your tummy! This is only temporary and a quick session with the tweezers will see it right.

Have you chosen a name for baby yet? Spend some time with your partner and pick out a list of names.

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