2014 Year of the horse baby – what does it mean to be born this year?

There are 12 zodiac animal signs in Chinese astrology and five rotating elements – metal, water, wood, fire and earth. On the 31st January, we welcome the Lunar New Year 2014, the year of the wood horse. Each sign has a certain influence on a person’s personality and nature – so what does this mean for your little bump?

Are you expecting a year of the horse baby?

The horse year runs between 31st January 2014 and 18th February 2015. If you are pregnant, or trying to conceive, and your due date falls between these dates, you will have a little wooden horse.

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In essence, a wood horse baby has a good fortune and horse is one of the favourite animals in Chinese astrology. The last dated wood horse years fell in 1894 and 1954.

How important is time of birth for my year of the horse baby?

The most prosperous hours for your horse year baby fall under the horse, tiger, dog, and sheep signs. So, the best time to be born is between the following:

  • Horse hours 11am -1pm
  • Tiger hours are 3 – 5 am
  • Dog hours are 7  – 9 PM
  • Sheep hours are 1 – 3 pm

What will your year of the horse baby be like?

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