2014 Year of the horse baby – what does it mean to be born this year?

What will your year of the horse baby be like?

A year of the horse baby is likely to have a friendly, happy and fun nature who will enjoy parties, and being in a sociable environment. They will love to laugh and possess a natural charm, meaning they will have lots of friends.

A good judge of situations with a natural intuition to make the right choices in life . Success comes easy to a year of the horse baby.

Despite this carefree nature, horses don’t like to follow rules and enjoy self expression. This can cause some friction if they are not allowed to do so. In contrast to the snake of last year, the horse is very open about feelings and is unlikely to keep secrets. However, the wood element for 2014 will help a horse to be a bit more disciplined.

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Parenting tips

So, your horse year baby is likely to be full of energy and charm but might be a little disobedient and stubborn when it comes to it. Spend lots of time outdoors, explore with your little one and let them have the freedom to experience new things, safely of course.

Try to find another way to say, ‘no,’ so  they don’t feel too restricted. Give your horse baby choices to make them feel independent.

year of the horse baby

Your year of the horse baby is likely to be very independent but fun, friendly and sociable

What is considered lucky for your year of the horse baby

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