2014 Year of the horse baby – what does it mean to be born this year?

What is considered lucky for your year of the horse baby

  • Lucky years

Keep track of horse, tiger, sheep and dog years as these are said to bring opportunity for a horsey and be a good time to marry or have children.

  • Lucky colours

Green, red and purple carry the most luck for a horse year baby. So, if you haven’t painted the nursery yet, at least you have some ideas now!

  • Lucky numbers

Numbers which will bring the most prosperity are 2,3, 7, 4 and 9.

  • Lucky flowers

The best blossoms are calla lily, jasmine, marigold and giant taro

  • Compatible signs

A horse is most compatible with a tiger, goat or dog and not with rat, ox, rabbit and another horse.

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year of the horse baby

Your year of the horse baby will find it easy to make friends

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