What happens when you’re 21 weeks pregnant?

How your foetus is developing when you’re 21 weeks pregnant:

After 20 weeks, your baby is now about 340g and has all the features and bodily functions of a human being but is so miniature, he can fit the palm of your hand! He also often hiccups, which is nature’s way of getting your little bundle of joy to practice breathing! His baby fat will soon fill out his wrinkled skin, and he will experience a growth spurt as his stomach can now absorb nutrients from the amniotic fluid surrounding him.

What you can do now that you’re 21 weeks pregnant:

You would likely have gained up to 7 or 8 kilograms and may need to alter how you sit, stand and perform physical activities. Take this in your stride by going for prenatal massages to ease the aches and pains that come with carrying your little bundle of joy. Keep yourself relaxed and learn to adjust to your new centre of gravity!

What starts happening to my baby at 22 weeks?