What happens when you’re 23 weeks pregnant?

How your foetus is developing during pregnancy week by week:
After 22 weeks pregnant, and your precious one is around the size of a mango and weighs between 370 to 565 grams. His skin, already less opaque, will continue to thicken and grow pinker as the weeks progress and his capillaries form. His hearing has also fully developed, meaning he’ll have more than enough time to adjust to the sound of daddy’s and your voice, and any surrounding noise!

What you can do right now:
As your baby grows, so will you! Weight gain is unavoidable at this stage, and you can expect to put on about 200 grams a week – an amount which will likely double as the weeks progress. It’s an excellent time to train your muscles to prepare for childbirth, so take up yoga classes or anything that requires good balance.

Indigestion and heartburn will also likely occur, if they haven’t yet.This is because your uterus pushes your stomach upwards, adding strain and eventually causing you to lose up to five centimetres of space in these areas. Over-the-counter heartburn medication is sufficient, but if it persists, talk to your gynae about it. Make sure to avoid eating right before lying down, too – this aggravates heartburn.

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