5 apps for designing a baby nursery

Is there anything a smart phone can’t do? Apparently not…apart from distracting us on a daily basis, smart phones have helped make our lives easier in all sorts of ways. From connecting us to our friends and family to helping us kill time, with the large variety of very addictive apps.

One thing that many people aren’t aware of is that smart phones have very useful apps for designing a baby nursery.

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If your spouse and you are currently expecting a baby and stressing over preparing the nursery room, here are 5 apps for designing a baby nursery, which will make your life so much easier!

5. IKEA Catalogue

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This user friendly app may not be specifically for designing a baby nursery, but it will no doubt help along in the process. Featuring the full IKEA catalogue, this app allows you to save some time by viewing the numerous products on catalogue, bookmarking your favourite, then heading down to IKEA to purchase that chosen item!

With this app, you will be kept up to date on the latest products and since it is free, there is really no harm done in giving this app a go right?

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