5 Hari Raya foods pregnant mums should avoid

Hari Raya is a time for celebration, but when you’re pregnant and faced with an endless array of delectable snacks and dishes, it can be easy to dismiss your diet and dig into whatever you want. To avoid any after-effects of downing more than you and baby can handle, make sure you consume these 5 kinds of foods in moderation.

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1. Rendang, satay, and anything with coconut milk

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Let's face it: the tastiest dishes are often the highest in calories and fat, and these are no exception! Rendang, ayam masak merah and dishes prepared with coconut oil contain excessive amounts of oil, so limit your intake to prevent heartburn, gestational diabetes and weight gain. Carrying your baby around is tiring enough - you don't want to end up carrying more than you have to!

Other foods to cut back on include the usual suspects like ayam masak merah, fried chicken and ayam goreng.

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