5 most memorable moments of new motherhood

Getting that positive on your pregnancy test is one of the biggest events in a woman’s life. You know that your life will change forever. It won’t be all joy and happiness, especially as you try to adjust in those first few months with a newborn. However, it will be memorable. There are a few memorable moments of new motherhood that you surely won’t forget.

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1# – Moments of new motherhood: first time with baby

As they say, it is love at first sight. The first time you get to meet your baby will stick in your mind. But each new mother has her own unique experience. Some remember the way baby smells, the first look on your baby’s face, how heavy he or she is, the look on their husband’s face, just to name a few. Your thoughts at that moment may surprise you. It’s only normal given you’ve been through so much.

2# – Moments of new motherhood: baby’s first smiles

When your baby starts smiling it’s really going to be a treat for parents. Babies usually start to smile around five or six weeks. But some do it earlier. When they start to laugh or giggle too, it can melt anyone’s heart. Some parents will do anything to get a few smiles from baby, from dancing to funny faces.

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3# – Moments of new motherhood: cuddling and hugs from baby

When you first realize that this small human being has so much unconditional love for you, it’s a real daily joy. The baby will start to hug you all the time, and there’s nothing like cuddling in bed with them. Those little moments when your baby reaches for a hug at bedtime are priceless.

4# – Moments of new motherhood: bonding with dad

Seeing that strong bond between baby and dad is a unique feeling for every new mum. You realize there is this connection now between the three of you that will last forever. The father and baby interact in unique ways even before birth. At around 22 weeks in the womb, the baby can already hear his father’s voice. Thus, the baby will recognize the dad as a newborn, and with time the relationship keeps developing.

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5# – Moments of new motherhood: seeing the child grow-up

What most mums will tell you about motherhood is that their child grew up so fast. Right before your eyes, the baby will go through so many stages. From seeing them take their first step to that first day of school and so on. Every day will be special with your child, but they will go by very fast. Your child will see life as a new adventure and will have you as their first guide.

All moments of new motherhood are filled with many emotions, from joy to wonder to fear. Enjoy them all, as your little one looks up to you all the time.

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