5 places in Singapore to go out with baby for the first time

Your confinement period is over and your baby has had their first round of vaccinations. It’s now safe to go out with baby and explore Singapore for the first time. The only question is— where should you go?

If you’re a first time parent, it can feel intimidating to go out with baby for the first time. Consider choosing a place that is familiar to you, and close by should you need to head home quickly. Be sure to pack a diaper bag filled with all those baby necessities you might need during your outing.

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Here are 5 great places to go out with baby for the first time.

5. The airport

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It’s a uniquely Singaporean choice for a leisure destination, so why not choose Changi Airport for a first outing? If you live in the east, it’s easy to go out with your baby to watch some planes and enjoy some shopping along the way. The wide open layout of the terminals and easy transit makes it a lovely place to push a stroller, and none of the restaurants will mind a crying baby.

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