5 reasons to keep having sex while pregnant

You may find a lot of reasons not to have sex during pregnancy. From unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, to a lower sex drive or pregnancy health concerns. Pregnancy sex also has a lot of benefits that you should consider.

Unless your doctor has recommended you refrain from it, sex while pregnant is perfectly healthy on more than one level. Here are five good reasons to keep having sex while pregnant.

1. Pregnancy sex feels better

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It is common to have a lower sex drive in the first trimester, but, the second trimester can take you on a wild ride!

Increased blood flow to the pelvic area and some positive hormonal changes (for a change) can lead to a heightened sexual experience. You are more likely to achieve an orgasm, and an intense one at that. It goes both ways too. Many men report that sex with their pregnant wives is even better than before.

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