5 sleep routine stumbling blocks

Having a dream baby who can sleep through the night does not have to be a far-fetched fantasy. Tizzie Hall, an international childcare expert with over 18 years of experience tells us the main stumbling blocks parents make that tend to sabotage baby sleep training. Her sleep routine techniques for both breast and bottle-fed babies have transformed the lives of thousands of parents– who now have babies that sleep peacefully throughout the night. Learn how, we parents, can finally Save Our Sleep!

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Tizzie Hall:

The feedback I get from parents who are using my routines, is that, the routine is easy to establish because all of the usual stumbling blocks are removed. If they were not using my routine they might be met by the below stumbling blocks.

Mistake 2: Leaving baby hungry

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The baby might be hungry, and this will mean the baby will not settle to sleep easily. However if they are using my routine they will always feed their baby until their baby is full, never restricting the amount of breast, formula milk and or solids they are giving their baby. This will result in their baby settling into the new sleep routine more easily.

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