Find a caterer for your baby’s full month buffet

So you’ve decided to host a full month buffet celebration at your home and you want to engage a caterer to provide the food for your event. But with so many caterers to choose from, what should you opt for? Here are 5 pointers for catering a baby’s full month buffet

Your buffet setup

The pricing for a full month buffet depends on what kind of setup you want as well as how many dishes you’re ordering. The standard buffet set up usually includes a long buffet table with skirting, metal buffet trays for the food with warmers, tongs and ladles, plates and cutlery, serviettes as well as drinks dispensers. Your caterer can also rent you tables, chairs and decorations. For the complete set up including drinks and desserts, expect to pay between $10 per pax and $28 per pax.

If you want to keep things no-frills and don’t need most of these things, Meihao99 offers mini-buffets of 8 dishes starting from just $8.90 per pax with a minimum of 20 people. Food is served in disposable aluminum trays with disposable tongs and ladles. No warmers or drinks are provided so these are best for small affairs.

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Halal certification

If you are inviting Malay Muslim family, friends and colleagues, you will definitely need to ensure that you cater food that is certified Halal by MUIS. There are plenty of Halal-certified caterers like Liang Catering and Rasel Catering that serve delicious Chinese and local food at great prices, so you shouldn’t worry that you can’t find a good one. Try looking at our suggestions or go to the MUIS website to source for more options.

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Food selection

Most caterers will let you pick from a selection of standard Chinese and local dishes as part of their buffet packages, which will include options like bee hoon, curry chicken, sweet and sour fish, prawns, vegetables and others. Most will also have vegetarian options for you to choose from.

However, what if you’re feeling more imaginative? Stamford Catering offers  international cuisine like sushi rolls, Spanish tapas, French gratin, while Purple Sage offers western food like shepherd’s pie and innovative creations. Expect to pay more but you’ll have a more memorable spread.

Many caterers will also offer traditional full month foods like red eggs and ang ku kueh for about $2 per person, so you don’t have to prepare them yourself.

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Don’t over-order

Something to note is that all caterers will impose a minimum number for buffets, starting at usually 20 people and going up to 100. How should you judge how much food to order?

While the generous host in you may feel the impulse to order more than enough food for everyone, remember that not everyone eats at these events. Some may come after eating at home, while others take only a sampling for taste. If you’re expecting 50 guests, ordering for 30 pax will probably suffice.

Food quality

If the quality of food is really important, you should ask your friends or relatives about which caterers they enjoy. One of the most popular caterers around is Neo Garden, which is considered to have excellent food. Other popular caterers with good reviews include Chilli Padi Catering and Manna Pot.

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