Up and away: Flying during your pregnancy

We’ve all heard of old wives’ tales about what women should not do during pregnancy. Common pregnancy taboos include anything from holding scissors to colouring your hair. You might have also heard that it is not advisable for mothers-to-be to fly during pregnancy. But come on — does flying during your pregnancy pose any real threat?

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Dr Vincent Wong, a family physician from Raffles Medical’s Terminal 3 Medical Centre, sheds some light for us on this old wives’ tales.

He says that, contrary to old taboos you may have heard, commercial air travel poses no special risks to a healthy pregnant woman or her baby. The main concern for the airline is the likelihood of the pregnant woman going into labour whilst flying, as this would potentially require a costly diversion and inconvenience to other passengers.

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Useful information for flying during your pregnancy

  • Most airlines are willing to accept pregnant passengers up to 35-36 weeks.
  • Most airlines require a doctor’s letter from 28 weeks onwards.
  • Further evaluation is required if there have been complications during the pregnancy before the journey.
  • Find out what health care facilities are available at the destination.
  • Find out whether your travel insurance would cover for the cost of any complications of the pregnancy requiring medical input or evacuation.

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Tips for mummies-to-be on the aircraft

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