Delivering the world’s heaviest babies

If you’ve ever shuddered at the thought of going through the entire process of delivering a baby, consider this: a 6kg-heavy baby measuring 57.4cm was delivered without C-section on July 26 in Germany. Jasleen’s birth makes her Germany’s heaviest baby, trumping the title previously held since November 2011 by Jihad, who was 5.89kg at birth.

Outside of Germany, British baby George King tipped the scales at 7kg when he was born. His mum, too, had opted for a natural birth. And the world cheered when the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, revealed Prince George had been delivered naturally.


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Watch this video of mummy describing what happened in the delivery room with 7kg George King…


Not all mothers are keen on vaginal births, though – Michelle Cessna chose to deliver her 6.2kg baby using C-section in Pittsburgh, UK.

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While the chances of getting a heavy baby are rare and comprise the tiniest percentage of expectant mums, doctors have coined a term for such infants. Fetal macrosomia refers to a heavy baby that weighs 6.2kg or more at birth, and typically occurs when expectant mums suffer from obesity or diabetes.

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