8 ways to get pregnant faster

Getting pregnant is not always a simple task. It is estimated around 85% of couples will successfully conceive within a year. The length of time it takes can be down to a number of reasons including your age, lifestyle and fertility.

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There are ways to boost your fertility and increase your chances of conceiving. Here’s a guide to the eight best ways to get pregnant faster.

1. Sex positions and do it regularly

It sounds obvious enough but actually how you have sex can really increase your chances of conceiving. Having sex regularly with your partner is a given but if you are following a strict ovulation plan – when you have sex is vitally important too. Certain sex positions will help the sperm to reach your egg for successful fertilisation. Plus, changing up your sex positions can also help with conceiving a boy or girl

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2. Don’t stress

Stress is not good for us anytime but when you are trying to get pregnant it is even worse. It goes for both you and your partner. Find something that relaxes you both, totally unrelated to trying for a baby. You need to feel content and happy for nature to work its miracles.

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3. Healthy diet

It’s a good idea to follow a healthy lifestyle all of the time but when you are making a baby, it is an absolute necessity! A healthy body equals a healthy mind and the perfect combination for a smooth conception. This goes for your partner too – what goes in, must come out! For healthy sperm, he needs to eat right and stay active.

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4. Vitamins

Folic acid, folic acid…oh, did we mention folic acid? It’s a good idea to take this while you try to conceive as well as during your pregnancy. There are lots of vitamins available on the market which are specifically for women trying to conceive. These are also mostly suitable to carry on taking during your pregnancy.

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ways to boost fertility, get pregnant faster

Following a healthy diet and lifestyle can be one of the ways to boost fertility and get pregnant faster.

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