What to buy before your baby is born

Posted by Rosalin Tolosa NabusRosalin Tolosa Nabus on 17 Jan 13

Shopping for your new arrival can be an exciting time, but it can be all too easy to get carried away. While there are some things that are a great idea to buy before your baby is born, there are other items that you may want to hold off on getting until after the birth — like a crib or all those adorable onesies you've been eyeing. Before you start racking up the bills, consider…
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Changes to expect each trimester of pregnancy

Posted by Rosh MRosh M on

During pregnancy your body will undergo some amazing changes. Increased hormones will cause your breasts to swell, your uterus to expand even your skin to break out. You'll deal with crazy cravings at 5 a.m. (think ice cream and pickles) and feel "too big" even though it's just your body's way of adapting. There's no need to stress or become anxious at the changes you experience — they're all apart of the process of carrying…
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5 ways for dad to bond with your unborn baby

Posted by Christy RasmussenChristy Rasmussen on 15 Jan 13

When it comes to bonding with your unborn baby, parents are not always equally able to partake. Mum has no problem bonding and almost does it effortlessly. After all, the unborn baby is attached to her, receiving life from her and growing inside her. Mum can feel every movement, everything from hic-ups to kicks. But, what about dad? Here are a few suggestions to help your man bond with your unborn baby.

Dr. Chew Answers: Pregnancy weight gain

Posted by Rosh MRosh M on 4 Jan 13

Weight gain is a normal and healthy part of pregnancy. Most women gain a normal amount of weight by eating well and staying active. The extra pregnancy weight gain: Weight gain by trimester Generally, there is little pregnancy weight gain during the first trimester (1-2 kg) because of morning sickness. The most weight is gained (about 5-7 kg) during the second trimester. In the third trimester, a woman gains about 4-5 kg. This is the average weight gain. Every…
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Different fetal positions your baby may take during labour

Posted by tinahannatinahanna on

Unborn babies can change into different fetal positions throughout your pregnancy. The majority of babies will tend to get into their final fetal positions during the last trimester of the pregnancy. Most women will not have a problem with delivering their baby because their baby is in the most common fetal position. There are a very rare cases that will change things in the delivery room. RELATED: What pain relief methods are available for labour? [EXPERT] Vertex fetal…
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Quick guide to labour pain relief options

Posted by Laura HermanLaura Herman on 2 Jan 13

Although a woman's body can take a lot of pain, especially during labour, there are reasons to opt for pain relief methods. Feeling too much pain can create a lot of anxiety during labour. Read this general guide to labour pain relief options.

How to travel with twins

Posted by Lisa Poh-KnightLisa Poh-Knight on

Travelling with twins is easier than you think! With careful planning and being sensible about your holiday options, you can still enjoy a relaxing break as a family. We tell you the do's and don'ts of travelling with your little ones.

6 important things mums can gain from the Mount Elizabeth Hospital Childbirth Education Programme

Posted by Patricia CuyuganPatricia Cuyugan on 25 May 12

Discover how the Mount Elizabeth Hospital Childbirth Education Programme can truly benefit parents-to-be through its highly informative class offerings.

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