A guide to baby led weaning

Pros and cons of baby led weaning

Many mummies who use the BLW approach will be huge fans because they find baby is more open to try new foods and a wider range of foods from an early age.

It also eliminates any time wasted in the kitchen thinking up new puree combinations. Plus, baby can join in with family mealtimes too, which is great for bonding and building a connection.

While it’s fun to watch, your baby will create a mess and a lot of the food will seem to end up on the floor. Parents worry that this limits the amount of nutrients that baby gets from food.

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After six months, your baby’s iron store needs replenishing, which they can’t get from breastmilk or formula alone. Cooked meat is a good source of iron but can be troublesome to chew and swallow at a young age.

baby led weaning

Some mummies like to choose a combination of traditional and baby led weaning methods at first to control the food and nutrients baby is eating

Some mummies like to use a combination of purees and finger foods at first so you can control what baby eats, while still letting them explore the fun side.

Whichever option you go for, always be sure that the food is soft enough for your baby to chew and never leave your baby alone while they are eating.

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