A guide to buying the best diapers

You’re shopping for diapers but there are so many brands competing for your attention. How do you choose? Should you go with highly-rated but expensive diapers like Pampers, or go for cheaper no-name supermarket brands? Here’s a guide to choosing the best diapers for you and your baby.

Know your diapers

First of all, before you start buying diapers in bulk, you should find out about the different diaper sizes and how they work. Diapers come in different sizes from 0 to 6, and each brand will offer some features. Here are some key differentiations:

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  • Newborn diapers: For babies that still have their umbilical stumps, look for diapers that fold down so the waistband that doesn’t irritate the wound.
  • Overnight diapers: These are extra-absorbent diapers that last up to 12 hours at a time, reducing the need for night-time changes.
  • Diapers for sensitive skin: For babies who break out with nappy rash easily, you may need to buy diapers for sensitive skin, such as the Japanese GOO.N or Mamypoko diapers.
  • Pull-up pants: For older babies, this is the diaper you can use to start potty-training.

Tips on buying the best diapers

The following are good tips on buying diapers for first-time parents.

1. Try different brands

Singapore is blessed to have all kinds of diaper options from the international brands like Pampers and Huggies, to Japanese premium brands like GOO.N and Mamypoko, as well as no-frills house brands from supermarkets like Cold Storage First Choice.

If you don’t know your brands yet, don’t buy in bulk at first even if it saves you money. Buy packs from several different brands so you can try them out. You’ll eventually be able to tell which brands leak, which brands are trustworthy, and which brands are “good enough.”

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2. Spot diaper problems

In assessing the best diaper brand, you should look out for the following problems:

  • Leaks of urine or poo (leak prevention design)
  • Diaper needs frequent changing (absorbency)
  • Frequent nappy rash (sensitivity, breathability)
  • Diaper leaves red marks or heat rash along legs or waist (comfort)

If you experience any of the above, you should try changing to a different brand.

3. Develop a diapering strategy

You don’t need to exclusively use one brand all the time. Many parents develop their own diapering strategy. Some parents like to use the cheaper “good enough” diapers during the day, when they can change them frequently, and then the expensive “trustworthy” diapers at night or when going out. This is when you can start buying in bulk.

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4. Buying in bulk

Newborn babies grow very fast, so don’t buy too many diapers in small sizes. A single pack for size 0 is enough for many babies before they switch to size 1. Size 2 or M size is when you can start buying in bulk for savings.

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Large cartons contain more than 100 diapers, and offer good value for money. As these won’t be available from supermarkets, you should look in hypermarkets, or try and order these from online suppliers.

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