The inspirational story of a new mom at 40

Getting pregnant can be a stressful process, and for some women it can be very difficult to conceive. Deniece Tui was one of those women, who tried for years to bring a child into her family, but to no avail. Then one day, it just happened. This is the story of a first-time new mom at 40.

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After six years of trying to conceive and a failed adoption, I was finally a proud mother of a baby boy. My baby was conceived naturally as my religion did not allow us to attempt artificial insemination.

After 9 months of joy, tears and worry (as I was a high risk mom due to my age), my water bag burst on February 27 in the evening, when I was close to 38 weeks. I was scheduled for induction a few days later but my baby had chosen his own birthday and wanted to come now.

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