The inspirational story of a new mom at 40

I went into labour at 9:30 pm, and by 3pm I was only 0.5 cm dilated. My baby was in distress due to lack of oxygen, and the pain was becoming unbearable, so I had no choice but to ask for an epidural. At 7:00 am my gynecologist arrived,  and I was still only 1.5 cm dilated. The doctor immediately ordered an emergency C-section, and my baby was delivered at 8:02 am on February 28.

It is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me.

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new mom at 40

Deniece Tui shows that it’s never too late by becoming a first-time new mom at 40.

Just when I thought I would never become a mother in my my baby, whom I named Lil Miracle, was presented to me four months short of my 41st birthday. For those women who are trying so hard to conceive, do not give up. A miracle is waiting to happen to you.

—Deniece Tui

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