8 benefits of a C-section birth

Since the beginning of time, women had no choice but to give birth the way nature intended. A vaginal delivery was the inevitable final chapter on a pregnancy journey. Nowadays, thanks to advancements in modern medicine, expecting mummies are afforded with a choice. An increasing number of women are going the elective route, willingly opting for a C-section over a vaginal delivery.

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You may have heard many scare stories about the risks surrounding C-sections. While there are some risks involved with undergoing major abdominal surgery, there are also many benefits of a C-section birth. What’s important is to weigh up the risks against the benefits, gaining advice from your medical professional, so you can make an informed decision based on your personal situation.

8 benefits of a C-section birth

  • Dignity and privacy. The “lack of dignity” which comes with a vaginal delivery is a big deterrent for many mothers, and let’s face it, it is not the most private of events. There will be doctors and nurses coming and going to check your progress while you are caught in a rather compromising position. With a C-section, the birth is more discreet.
  • Quick delivery. A C-section is very quick in comparison to going into labour. In fact, the process will be over in a matter of minutes, even if the aftermath of surgery will linger for much longer.
  • Control. One of the biggest advantages of cesarean birth is the fact that the procedure is scheduled. You will know exactly when and where you will be for the birth of your baby. You can plan your busy schedule around the date. The pace of daily lives hardly allows for the natural flow of things, and many expecting mothers find the idea of choosing their baby’s birthday very appealing.
  • Less trauma to baby. This is not to say that your little one will not be traumatized at the sudden delivery, but your baby will bypass the laborious task of moving through the birth canal. Babies who are delivered through the vagina will temporarily have elongated heads from the pressure of moving through the canal. A baby delivered through C-section also tends to have a lot less bruises and markings. There is also a decreased risk of oxygen deprivation to the baby.

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