All about birthing methods

Do you imagine that there are only two birthing methods – natural and Caesarean? Think again! There are at least a dozen different ways to experience natural child birth. As you prepare to bring your baby into the world, you might be overwhelmed at the all the choices that lies before you, but is essential that you do your research and know which options are available. At the end, you need to choose one that is just right for you.

Every popular birthing method we will cover in this article has its own unique approach to childbirth, with its own sets of advantages.

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The Leboyer Method

One of the less known birthing methods, Leboyer childbirth was introduced by French obstetrician Frederick Leboyer in 1975. The method’s claim to fame is birth without violence. Here the focus is primarily on the wellbeing of your baby, and on a quality and peaceful birth experience. Leboyer believed that birth is very traumatic for your little one; from being removed from his warm fluid-filled environment to being held upside down and cutting the cord immediately.

To ensure that your baby is born with the minimum stress, the method dictates that the birthing room should be dim so as the keep the harsh contrast of light to a minimum. Talking is kept to a whisper, and the room temperature is pleasantly warm. There will be a delay in cord clamping, and your baby will gently receive a warm bath immediately after birth to relax him.

The Alexander Method

The method is quite simplistic – it focuses on greater awareness and conscious control over your movements and reactions during birth. It works on the basis that your body was naturally designed for childbirth, so you will learn how to use your strength based on your natural design. It offers a practical method for allowing ease, freedom of movement and flexibility. Instead of focusing on contractions, you will direct your energy to expanding consciously. To get the most out of this method, you should take weekly lessons from an accredited teacher.

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The Bradley Method

This is one of the most popular birthing methods, essentially because it encourages dad to be present at the birth. It teaches that birth is a natural process, and can be controlled by abdominal breathing techniques. Active participation between partners is key here, and it teaches your body to trust itself. You and your partner will take classes together, and you will also be educated in proper nutrition and pregnancy exercises. The method’s claim to fame is that 90% of Bradley moms gave birth without pain medication – or so they say.

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