A guide to announcing pregnancy – when and how to do it

When you get a positive reading on that first pregnancy test, you’re so excited you feel like shouting out the news from the nearest rooftop. But the more cautious side of you tells you to wait on the big announcement until you know everything will be ok. So, how do you go about announcing pregnancy and to whom should you reveal the secret first? We offer some helpful pointers.

When you should be announcing pregnancy

The main reason why most couples don’t wish to announce pregnancy immediately is due to a fear of miscarriage. Not only this, having a baby is a huge life event that you have to get your head around as a couple. Giving your self time to adjust will do wonders for your pregnancy confidence and keep you relaxed when the questions start rolling in.

Many couples prefer to wait until the end of the first trimester before spreading the news. It’s hard to keep this immense news just between you and your partner, so telling your family and close friends early is often a good idea. This way you will have a strong support network around you for those anxious few weeks.

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