How to prevent baby from falling off the bed

Once you bring your newborn home from hospital, it is usually smooth sailing when it comes to his sleeping habits. Aside from your nightly feeding excursions, of course. That is at least till your little one is a few months old; once he starts wriggling and exploring, you might be at your wits end to keep your baby falling from bed.

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If this has happened to you once or twice, you are most likely very anxious to remedy the situation, but how?

To co-sleep or not to co-sleep

The obvious solution to keep baby falling from bed is to let him sleep in a crib until he is old enough to sleep in a bed without so much supervision. The verdict is not out yet whether or not it is more beneficial for your baby to sleep alone in his crib or with you, so it comes down to your motherly instinct and what compliments your parenting style.

If you do decide that co-sleeping appeals to you, a decent compromise is to have a crib for the little one is his own room where you can put him down for naps and early nights. Once your baby wakes up for his feed, you can then move him to your bed where you can both fall asleep.

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Waiting for your little one to learn that falling out of bed actually hurts can take a while, so in the meantime, you will have to install a few safety precautions. Regardless of whether or not your baby is sleeping with you or in his own little bed, you have to baby-proof it to keep him from taking a tumble.

How to prevent baby falling from bed

If your little one is sharing your sleeping space, it can be tricky to keep him contained, unless you want to put up a baby barrier around your marital bed. Be sure that your bed is pushed up right against the wall, and let your baby sleep between you and the wall, while obviously being aware of his presence the entire time. Babies often take a tumble when they are left on their own, so never under any circumstances leave your infant alone in bed. There is also a chance that your baby will wake up when you leave to prepare his bottle and will try to follow you, so always be aware of this.

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It is obviously a lot less troublesome to put baby down in his own little bed. Once he moves from a crib, move the bed against the wall, and protect the open side with a retractable bed rail. An alternative, much cheaper option is to improvise a bed bumper. Simply slide a “pool noodle” under the fitted sheet, and viola! This might not be so effective if your baby is a little windmill in his sleep, but for extra peace of mind, you can lay down a few large continental pillows on the floor. This is by far the quickest and cheapest way to keep baby falling from bed.

Don’t feel too bad if he does accidentally take a tumble; in some instances it cannot be avoided. Just ensure that you do a thorough check for injuries, especially if he falls on his head or back. If you suspect any serious damage, or if your baby displays the typical signs of a concussion, phone 995 immediately.

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