Can wedding rings predict your baby’s gender?

From the moment you discover that you’re pregnant, everyone from grandparents to co-workers will play the guessing game. Many of them will tell you that they have “fool-proof” advice which can determine whether it is a girl or a boy for sure.

There are so many old wives’ tales on how to determine a baby’s gender and while there is absolutely no scientific proof, some seem rather accurate. One popular baby gender prediction method is to use one’s wedding ring to predict the gender of their baby. But how does it work?

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Baby gender prediction: How to use the wedding ring

The method is really simple; you start by putting your wedding ring onto a thread, or even better, a strand of your hair. While you are lying down, have your husband dangle the ring over your tummy. If the ring swings forwards and backwards, or side to side, you will have a boy. If it swings in a circular motion, you are expecting a girl.

A similar baby gender prediction method involved using a threaded needle or pendulum and carrying out the same process. Using your wedding ring somehow makes the process just a little more special.

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Baby gender prediction: Where did the myth originate from?

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