Baby laughs during feeding – caught on camera!

One of the most magical things that many breastfeeding mums experience is when their baby laughs during feeding time. It’s different for every baby. Some grin, causing milk to drip off their chins, others giggle uncontrollably, and other, chuckle at intervals. Your little one feels the most comfortable when at your breast. When baby laughs during feeding, it’s his way of expressing joy and gratitude — he knows who his mum is, and can’t help but display his happiness!

Mums around the world are taking to YouTube to share videos of their little ones latched on while feeding. A trend that has spread from America to Korea and beyond. These videos have drawn a mixture of reactions – both exclamations of adoration and flak, as some question if it is appropriate to upload a breastfeeding video online. We think these videos take adorable to a whole new level, and we guarantee they’ll light up your day. Take a peek at some of these baby giggling videos.

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