Baby nursery ideas for a small home

So, like most Singaporeans, you live in a small apartment and you’re wondering how to create the perfect nursery for your newborn baby. Well, if you’re all set to convert a whole room into the nursery of your dreams, that’s great! But what if you’re not ready to give up your home office or just don’t have that spare room? Here are some baby nursery ideas that could work for small spaces.

Essential baby nursery ideas

First of all if you are short on space, you should keep your baby nursery ideas simple and clutter-free. Think about what you really need. These are usually considered nursery essentials:

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Baby mobile

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Mobiles suspended above your baby’s bed can keep your baby fascinated and help him or her soothe himself.

Baby nursery ideas you can do away with

Find out what baby nursery ideas you can do away with and where to put the nursery on the next page…