Is your baby born with a personality?

One of the many joys of motherhood is discovering what your baby is really like. Does your baby have a personality like yours, like his dad’s, or does he surprisingly take after your mother? All babies are born with personality traits which will determine how he perceives the world around him.

The biggest part of your baby developing his unique personality is how you respond to him. Though you cannot change your baby’s inborn personality, you can guide and help him realize his full potential by letting him experience his own uniqueness. Certain traits are obvious from birth, but baby personality will really start to bloom and increase in intensity around the third or fourth month. During this time, your child will undoubtedly intrigue you with his unique quirks and traits that might be in direct contrast to yours.

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Baby personality types

Experts believe that all babies are born with a combination of nine inherited personality traits, and any combination will put him into a certain category. However, it is the foundation laid down by Hippocrates over two centuries ago that is still used today to indentify baby personality types.

The four personality types are;

  • Sanguine – Babies who are playful, lively, busybodies with a very sociable nature.
  • Choleric – Adventurous types who have a strong will. These personalities are typically challenging, outspoken and competitive.
  • Melancholy – Silent waters run deep holds true with this personality type. They are quiet, respectful, and deep thinkers.
  • Phlegmatic – Quite alike the melancholy personality type, plegmatics are thoughtful, controlled and attentive.

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How to identify baby personality types

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