Is your baby born with a personality?

How to identify baby personality types

Your baby will inevitably fall into one of the above mentioned categories, or might even display a combination of two or more types. It is very difficult to “label” your little one’s personality, so there is really no way to over-simplify a complex series of thought patterns, so the examples given only act as a guideline on common baby personality types.

  • Sunshine baby – This baby personality is the stuff that dreams are made off. He is just a ray of sunshine; good natured, happy, easy going and full of smiles. No surprise, he will be a good eater and a good sleeper, and this actually contributes to his sunny disposition. Some babies are just naturally inclined to be full of smiles, but they are also sensitive and need as much attention as babies from other personality types.
  • Energetic baby – Your baby hardly sits still. He might have even been a mover and shaker inside the womb. Chances are, he will reach his physical milestones early. Energetic babies are usually also explorers and will squeeze themselves into every nook and cranny. Baby proof early and keep your wits about you as he starts to get mobile.

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  • Moody baby – Your baby does not react well to surprises or anything out of routine. He will lose his temper rather quickly, and won’t be shy in letting you know his unhappiness. Some infants are just harder to please than others, so it’s not your fault. Moody baby will require lots of loving patience and reassurance.
  • Shy baby – Shy baby is anxious and withdrawn on unfamiliar ground. They are usually observers and thinkers instead of doers. Give your shy baby personality time to feel at ease with new situations and don’t force them into it. Allow them time to warm up.

There are many more personality types, but they will usually be comprised of a combination of the examples given. Becoming familiar with your baby’s personality will go a long way in understanding and reacting to your child. Regardless of his personality, it is vital not to label or stereotype your baby. Every little one is unique, and the labels you give him at an early age will stick with him for the rest of his life.

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Source: Your Baby’s Personality and You