That five letter word called sleep – expert opinion

Getting your baby to sleep through the night is at the forefront of every sleep-deprived parent on the planet. But, are we rushing our little one to be independent before it is time. Should we stop hoping and let nature take its course?

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What is the real truth behind a baby sleep habits? Nur Azlin, our expert birth Doula, gives us her opinion on baby’s sleep.

“Just go to any online parenting group, and you’ll find plenty of parents voicing concern that their babies are not sleeping through the night.

“Google ‘sleeping through the night,’ and your search will result in about 86 million links, offering advice to parents on the look out for a solution. Are our expectations as parents realistic when it comes to our children’s sleep?

“We are told to try a variety of tactics to encourage baby to sleep through the night. Many parents, who are at their wits end, are willing to try anything to get a more restful nights sleep.

“Some still believe in the old tradition of using a hammock (a.k.a yao lan or buai) to rock baby to sleep, following in the footsteps of generations before them. And, the existence of sleep training methods such as ‘cry it out’ and ‘checking’ are advocated.

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