When can you take your baby swimming?

Swimming is a natural ability that all babies have. Since they lived submerged in amniotic fluid for nine months, water is a friendly environment for them. However, babies can become afraid of water and lose this ability before one year of age, if they don’t practice it.

Baby swimming lessons are becoming more popular, as many centres are now offering a service designed especially for them. Parents increasingly want to have little a swimmer, not just for fun, but also for the health benefits that come with it.

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How early can you take your baby swimming?

There is no fixed age that experts agree on. It is up to you to decide when you feel ready to introduce your baby to the water. Most swimming centres will recommend that you wait until your baby is at least three months old before starting lessons.

It is always best to let a professional teach your baby to swim. They are experienced in safety and can spot the signs of any difficulty straight away. If you do plan to do it yourself, make sure that you have an experienced person nearby to help out if there are any issues.

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