Babymoon! Go on a vacation before baby arrives

The babymoon, or the concept of a holiday during pregnancy, is a trend that is taking off among parents-to-be right now, and it looks set to grow even more popular. Here are the reasons why a babymoon is a good idea and what locations make for good babymoon getaways.

Why go on a babymoon

When you’re pregnant and suffering from morning sickness, traveling might be the last thought on your mind. But as you pass into the second trimester, you’ll find that it’s actually a great time to travel because you’ll be feeling much better.

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The biggest reason to go on a babymoon is that it’s probably the last time you’ll be able to enjoy a holiday for a long time. Once you have a baby, travel plans change drastically. You will never be able to spontaneously hop on a flight for an adventure. Instead, you’ll have to pack all sorts of baby gear, and pray that your baby doesn’t cry on the plane… that is if you have any energy to plan a trip at all.

Another great reason for a babymoon is that it rekindles romance for you and your spouse. Pregnancy is a time when romance can suffer because mums-to-be experience so much discomfort as their body changes. While your spouse tries to be supportive, he could secretly feel distant or neglected. So a babymoon allows both of you to have some pampering away from stress so that you can strengthen your relationship before the baby arrives.

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