It’s all about the ‘babymoon!’

You’d love one last romantic break with your hubby before the little one arrives. This quick get-a-way is becoming widely known as the ‘babymoon.’ Travel agencies have coined the phrase to inspire expecting mummies to live it up one last time before becoming a mother, full-time.

Made popular by celebrities proudly sporting their very preggie-bellies on exotic beaches, a babymoon is so much more than a lavish marketing ploy. It will be the one final trip you take with your partner; to spend precious time reconnecting before your little one makes an appearance.

The months leading up to your pregnancy can be stressful, and many expecting mums are preoccupied with turning their home into a family sanctuary while still juggling the demands of daily life. A babymoon will afford you and your partner a welcome break from the stresses of every day life.

Remember to plan it well. You won’t be interested in recapturing the spark in your relationship if you’re cooped up in a hotel room, too exhausted to move, and too sick to do anything about it. Timing and location is everything.

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