The power of your baby’s first 1000 days

Mums-to-be, do you know that what you eat and drink now can shape the health of your developing baby for his entire life? Read about your baby’s first 1000 days and find out just how significant good nutrition is. Presented by Danone Dumex®

Your baby’s first 1000 days

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Your child's first 1000 days span the period between the conception of a child to his second birthday. In this period, both your child's brain and body see rapid and remarkable development as shown by research conducted over decades.

According to obstetrician Dr Ting Hua Sieng of Parkway East Hospital, this period is very important because your baby is growing rapidly and also the internal organs/structures are still maturing.

Thus, optimal nutrition is essential in enabling your baby to reach his full potential in the later years.

What's the link between your nutrition and baby's during pregnancy? Keep reading to find out.



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