Need to know tips for your pregnancy beauty routine

Now that you are pregnant, you should re-look at your beauty routine. Many beauty treatments are packed with chemicals that can be potentially harmful to your unborn baby. Your skin is your largest organ, and what you put on it gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream. If it reaches the bloodstream, it can reach the placenta.

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So, for the next nine months, it is best to be cautious. This is not to say you have to go completely “au naturalle” while you are expecting! You need only make a few adjustments to how you care for your beauty during pregnancy. Here are some quick tips.

Don’t bleach your teeth

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The active ingredient in teeth whiteners is peroxide, which is safe for adults – in moderate doses You can even swallow small amounts of peroxide without any side effects. However, there have not been sufficient studies done on professional teeth whitening products to prove it safe to use while pregnant. To be on the safe side. avoid these products and opt for whitening toothpaste instead.

If in doubt, ask. Get advice from your doctor, your dermatologist and your beauty therapist if you need any pointers on pregnancy friendly cosmetics, products and beauty treatments. Just because you are expecting does not mean your beauty routine needs to go out the window. Simply apply some caution, moderation and common sense.

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